Drain Cleaning

We have drains all throughout our houses and when any of the get clogged or are slow to drain, it can be aggravating. If you are going to attempt to fix it yourself, you may find that you don’t get the results you desire. If this is the case you may need to contact a professional to help you fix the problem.

Drain problems can range from simple clogs to severe blockages that require more work. If you find that some simple drain cleaners that you can buy from the store don’t work, you may have to call a professional. Sometimes a blockage in the pipe requires special equipment that only the professionals have and know how to use.

To begin to initially diagnose a problem yourself, you first need to understand how a drain system typically works. The main principle that can be understood about most drains is that typically your smaller pipes will lead to a larger pipe, and the water will flow downhill. At the end of the drain system, you will either have a city sewer, or in some systems the pipes will all lead to a septic tank. It is within these pipes that things can go wrong and problems can occur.

So we will first begin with some of the simpler problems. If you find that a single drain is backing up, say a single sink or single toilet, then you should try and clear the clog using a plunger. When there is a problem with only one drain, there is usually only a problem with one of the smaller pipes in the drain system. This can be one of your easier problems to fix because the problems are usually easier to get to and are not that much trouble yet.

If it is a problem where say multiple toilets or multiple sinks are backing up, this could be a sign that you have bigger problems. This might mean that you have a clog deeper in the drainage system which is a harder issue to fix because usually the clog is larger and more severe. If your simple drain clearing techniques don’t work, you may want to contact a professional at this point.

If you own a home that uses a city sewer system, a very big problem you might have is that sewage is backing up into your house. This can be severe and if you see much more sewage then you can possibly produce, then there is a good chance that the city sewer has a blockage and other peoples sewage is coming down the city pipe and into your home. At this point you may want to contact the city and ask them to investigate the problem.

There are multiple problems you can have with your drain in your home, and these can range from minor to severe. If there is a problem with a single drain then you might just have a simple clog but if the problems is with multiple fixtures in your home, a bigger problem might exist, and you never want to let a problem get worse. At this point you might want to contact a professional who will be able to come out and tell you what the problem is.