Eagle Rock Dining

Eagle Rock neighborhood of Southeast Los Angeles, California,has a lot to offer in terms of dining places and restaurants. The neighborhood situated in the San Rafael Hills is vast,covers a total area of approximately 11 sq. Km.It has some of the best and well known restaurants in Los Angeles. Due to its large size however, locating these places can be tiresome.This is why it is necessary to get to know some of the best places to dine while in Eagle Rock.

Four Café restaurant situated off 2122 Colorado Blvd. and owned by Wilton Michelle is a casual eatery that not only serves palatable soups,but also delicious and tasty salads, Burger and sandwiches.The Veggie Burger served at the restaurant is handmade.The restaurant uses organic or non-GMO ingredients to prepare the dishes.The restaurant offers lunch and dinner on week days ,and breakfast on weekends only.It operates on a daily basis.

The Oinkster is a slow fast food restaurant that serve American classics.It is found along the 2005 Colorado Blvd.The menu here is comprised of homemade pastrami sandwich, pork sandwich, rotisserie chicken and juicy Burgers.It is opened all days of the week as from 11:00 am.

Casa Bianca ,a pizza restaurant along the 1650 Colorado Blvd. has been operating since 1955.This restaurant has the best pizza in Eagle Rock.The menu is composed of thin crust pizza,pastas,sandwiches, salads,beverage,desserts and appetizers.It is only closed on Mondays and Sundays and operates from Tuesday to Saturday.It allows reservations for parties of six to sixteen people.

Organix is vegan and organic restaurant found off 1731 Colorado Boulevard.The restaurant serves handcrafted vegan foods and organic produce.It is opened on a daily basis from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm.It serves vegan salads,sandwiches, burritos,jackfruit and tacos.

Cacao café and deli is a Mexican restaurant located along the 1576 Colorado Blvd.The restaurant offers ancient chocolate drink made by the Aztecs and Mayans.In addition, it serves burritos, tartos and tacos.It is opened from Tuesday to Sunday as from 8:00 am and serves breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The Coffee Table along the 1958 Colorado Boulevar serves breakfast all day through.Brunch,lunch ,dinner,dessert,drinks and coffee are also served.Coffee served are Supreme bean coffee and Pasquini Espresso bean coffee.The restaurant has patios which provides a cool environment .It is opened from 7:00 am throughout the week.

Blue Hen, located along the 1743 Colorado Boulevard, is a Vietnamese restaurant that serves customers with fresh,sustainable,local and organic Vietnamese delicacies.The restaurant offers both lunch and dinner on a daily basis.The restaurant’s menu include traditional soups,crepes,home crafted dessert, Vietnamese sandwiches,Shrimp Spring Rolls and Sesame Chicken and Pho.It also offers an ample parking space for clients vehicles

Eagles Rock neighborhood therefore offers more than a dining experience since dishes served in its restaurants are not only local but also international;mexican,Asian,Vietnamese amongst others.Dare to eat at any of the restaurants mentioned above and believe me,your stomach will appreciate you.