Eagle Rock Local Attractions

Located in the San Rafael Hills of Los Angeles County, California, Eagle rock should be foodie and music lover’s destination. Named for a rock outcropping resembling an eagle with wings outstretched, Eagle Rock is enjoying a rejuvenation alongside gentrification. During the Great Recession of 2008, the area stagnated, however of late has seen strong resurgence. The downtown and surrounding areas provide many attractions for locals and travelers.

When in Eagle Rock, patrons of almost any age might enjoy the following. Music lovers will enjoy the always-free “Eagle Rock Music Festival”, where local artists, vendors and food trucks come together for an evening of fun and music. For the kids and kids-at-heart, “Jungle Zone” provides lazer tag and some dining options. Likewise, “Neon Retro Arcade” hearkens back to somewhat simpler times, and provides refreshments for lengthy game sessions.

While not part of Eagle Rock proper, nearby “Street Food Cinema” offers a charming drive-in theater atmosphere. Enthusiasts of bowling can get their fix (for “LA cheap” pricing) at the “All Star Bowling” alley.

Again, though not part of Eagle Rock proper, the Griffith observatory offers a stunning view, rich history, a marvelous planetarium, and the location of a scene from the film “Rebel Without a Cause”. The observatory is located on the south facing slope of Mount Hollywood. One can see the Hollywood sign, and features excellent views of the Los Angeles Basin and the PAcific Ocean.

Connoisseurs of artistic and cultural entertainment would be wise to visit the “Wicket Lit” or “Live Arts Los Angeles” performing arts studios. Adults of drinking age looking for a fun twist on a traditional movie date should investigate the “iPic” theater. At the latter, patrons will enjoy comfortable seating, spacious lounge, and a variety of movie selections.

Eagle rock is also home to nightlife; One would enjoy the Chicago style bar, “Black Boar” featuring a variety of drinks from craft beer for the fastidious, to cheap swill for college kids out looking for a good time. Recently opened “Room 31” features a pleasantly extensive mixology bar and finger foods. For a sports bar atmosphere, one would enjoy either “5 Line Tavern”, or “Eagle Rock Lounge”, with quality menus and entertainment.

For a more refined dining experience, “Colorado Wine Country” and especially “Little Beast Restaurant” feature a more sophisticated beverage selections and menu options. “Cafe Beaujolais” should be on your “to-do” list, as you will find friendly wait staff, superb menu, and charming atmosphere waiting inside. Finally, the most expensive, yet rewarding option is found within “Alexander’s Steakhouse” Asian fusion and steakhouse.

If you prefer less traditional cuisine, visit “Spitz”; Inside you will find an immense variety of smoothie choices, and healthy sized dinner portions. Speaking of smoothies, as the name implies “Dave’s Chillin’ and Grillin'” fits the bill. For dessert, “Foster’s Old Fashioned Freeze” serves up a traditional ice cream shop atmosphere, and can be found city-wide as part of a chain.

As you can gather, Eagle Rock is on the rise as a fun destination, whether visiting only Eagle Rock itself or venturing outside. The examples here are only a sample of what you can do. The best way to experience it all is to check it out for yourself, explore everywhere, and have a good time!