Echo Park Shopping

If you are in Echo Park, California and are looking for some great stores to buy unique items from, then the shops listed below are some great places to get whatever you want. There are many places for you to choose from when you are shopping in Echo Park, so look up some of these locations when you are in town.

Myrtle, located on Sunset Blvd, has a wide range of women’s boutique selections to choose from. With designs from more than fifty different designers located around the world, you will find a large variety of clothing and accessories to choose from. Whether its their vegan lip balm or silk baseball tee’s, you will find many original designs at Myrtle than you will be able to find anywhere else. If you are looking for a shop with original designs from established designers, then Myrtle is the place you want to go.

If its jewelry and accessories you are looking for, then you really need to stop at Esqueleto. This shop located on W. Sunset Blvd, has a truly unique and different array of items to choose from. The styles you will find in Esqueleto are inspired by great artists such as Satomi Kawakita’s yellow gold studs to Lauren Wolf’s mesmerizing claw rings that are infused with sapphire and rubies. New artists are being showcased every month.

If its hats you are looking for then you need to stop in and shop at The Ampal Creative. This men’s hat shop located on 1/2 Sunset Blvd has many finely crafted hats from beanies to snapbacks and a lot more different hats as well as accessories and jackets. This shop has many one of a kind accessories and jackets to choose from as well. If you are looking to add some classic accessories that are truly in the style of LA, then you need to shop at The Ampal Creative.

If you are looking for classic men’s wear and women’s wear as well as accessories, then you need to visit Luxe de Ville. This vintage boutique store located on W Sunset Blvd has many different accessories to choose from. If you need a pair of classic leather gloves or some designer earrings, then you are in the right place.

If you are into original items made by people just like you, then you need to visit Spacedust. This boutique, located on W Sunset Blvd primarily serves independent artists. They sell a variety of items that you will not find anywhere else such as original artwork, clothing and jewelry, and even self published books and there is also a gallery which has art from many different independent artists, which changes every two months. Spacedust is a truly unique store with items that are original and one of a kind.

If you are in Echo Park and are looking to shop in some great stores around town, then you need to visit some of the shopping locations above. There you will find many items which are completely different than other items you can find anywhere else.