Glendale Local Attractions

A lot is said about California. The land of “lights, camera, and action” attributed to the presence of Hollywood, a shopping destination for all in the famous designer shops in different cities and last but not least the land where summer never ends. Glendale is one of these cities that offer nothing less of the California experience. Whether seeking to have fun or grow a business, opportunities are endless.

Glendale has several local attractions that make it impossible to recommend just one or two. The city takes pride in a rich history that contributed significantly to the aviation industry in the U.S.A. In early 1920 the Grand Central Airport was built and went on to boost the economy through massive job opportunities. The airport was the first to offer cross-continent departure flights to the east from the U.S.

The remarkable architecture of the Grand Central Airport continues to impact both the lives and economy of residents in Glendale, years after it was shut down. The building that housed the airport went on to become the famous Grand Central Business Center. The massive industrial center was home to many businesses until one of the world’s largest conglomerate Walt Disney bought the entire property

Despite such changes, the city continues to thrive when it comes to the arts and movie industry. Disney converted the industrial park to what is now known as the Grand Central Creative Campus. Apart from providing a learning facility, it also houses studios such as the Muppets studio, Disney Animation, and Marvel animation studios. Suffice to say, most of the successful Disney productions were developed in Glendale.

Glendale local attractions are trendsetters. The Forest Lawn Memorial Park which opened in early 1930 was the first ever funeral home next to a cemetery ground in the U.S.A. Others picked the idea from Glendale and have gone on to open numerous related businesses. The Forest Lawn Park is a major attraction since major celebrities were buried there in its inception. Now it provides rich panoply of art collection.

A visit to Glendale cannot be complete without a shopping spree. After all, the weather is always warm and friendly. The first Glendale local attraction when it comes to consumerism has to be the Glendale Galleria. The Galleria is home to some of the biggest stores in the U.S.A. These include. Macy’s, and Target to name just a few. Glendale being a city associated with celebrities has the Glendale Fashion Center for all fashion needs and purchases.

The history of Glendale anchors on the many attraction sites and the records in the Glendale Public Library on Harvard Street. The records are kept in a special section department since they include original documents from the early 90s. A visit to the library is a good way to learn more for the intellectuals and those who read for leisure.Glendale is the perfect getaway during the holiday season.

The city hosts the Glendale Glitters, a six-week celebration commencing on Thanksgiving weekend till mid-January. Over 1.5 million lights are used to illuminate sixteen blocks in Glendale providing a mind-blowing spectacle. The themes change each week depending on what the organizers have in store for the people.