Glendale Shopping

Most large cities are highly differentiated in terms of what they offer to residents,especially shopping stores and shops. The City of Glendale in California,a premier shopping destination, has a number of shopping outlets ranging from small stores,boutiques to large malls.These are scattered throughout the city making it difficult to locate them,especially for people visiting the city.I have carefully sampled some of these shopping complexes to help you locate them.

The Americana at Brand is a premier shopping mall.The mall’s light shows, fountains, trolley rides, first class restaurants,evergreen grass lawns,70 plus stores and luxury apartments are some of the features which attract and provide leisure to many people.It has built a name as a top tourist attraction.Some of the stores operating in the mall include Nordstrom,H&M,Bloomingdale and Barney’s New York. Boutiques include Free People, J.Crew,Lululemon Athletics, Tiffany & Co and Kiel’s amongst others.

Swain’s ,an art and supply store, has been operating since 1949 selling crafty items such as architectural supplies, stationery, picture frames,office products,toys,artist items and scrapbooking materials.It provides all that artists needs for their art works.

Rosso Wine Shop is a neighborhood wine store found in North Glendale near the corner of Verdugo Road and Verdugo Boulevard.The store sells everyday wines from domestic California wineries, Italy, Spain and France to wine enthusiasts.The strore features the wines it sell from 5 pm to 8 pm every Friday and Saturday.

Madlen’s the Lobby Boutique is an exquisite women’s clothing store that sells unique European clothing brands at reasonable prices.Madlen dresses you with the perfect outfits to give you confidence in yourself.The boutique also sells accessories from French designers such as Lauren Vidal,Didier Parakian and Double Jeu.It is located on the 403 South Central Avenue, Glendale and operates from Tuesday to Sunday 11 am to 7 pm.

Glendale Galleria is a big shopping mall located off the 100 W. Broadway that houses unique and distinctive variety of stores including clothing stores, accessories stores,restaurants and many more.Specific stores found in the mall are Apple Store,Microsoft Store,Bloomindales,Macy’s, JC Penny,Banana Republic, Lush and Gamestop.

Mystery and Imagination Bookshop,located along the 238 N. Brand Boulevard has been operating since 1975.Books sold here range from mystery,horror,science fiction, detective to fantasy books.It sells used and new books,vintage reads,first editions, paper backs amongst others.It opens at 10:30 and closes at 6:00 pm from Tuesday to Saturday.Moreover,it hosts reading,book signing and in-store events attended by celebrated authors.

Disney Store established in 1987 and found off the 100 W. Broadway sells the latest and exclusive Disney products such as toys,costumes,gifts,bags,pajamas, Disney collectibles such as Mickey Mouse,Fairies,Buzz Lightyear,Disney Princesses and Pooh.It is opened daily from 10 am to 9 pm on Monday to Saturday, and from 11 am to 7 pm on Sunday.

We all agree,from the list above,that Glendale city has undoubtedly magical shopping outlets that deals in a wide variety of products and items.