Highland Park Dining

Highland Park is a neighborhood in Northeast Los Angeles.The neighborhood is packed with many dining spots that offer a large variety of delicacies. The dining spots are scattered throughout the neighborhood,making it time consuming to search for them.Some of the best restaurants in the neighborhood are outlined below.

My Taco,located along the 6300 York Boulvered, has been operating for the last 20 years. The Mexican restaurant has beautiful decor.Dishes served include carne asada fries,lamb barbacoa,goat biria,french fries,burritos, tortas,platillos,mariscos,soups,sideorders and salads.It is opened on a daily basis and provides an ample parking space for cars.

Tacos La Estrella found along the York and Avenue 54 is a fast food restaurant that operates on a daily basis from 11:00 am to midnight.The restaurant serves breakfast,lunch,dinner and late night meals.There is enough parking space across the nearby streets for customers with cars.It prides itself in offering delicious and tasty dishes such as carne asada,pastas,lengua,carnitas snd tortillas.It operates throughout the week as from midday.

Maximiliano ,an italian restaurant,is located on the corner of 5930 York Blvd.The restaurant serves pizza,pasta,wine and bear,pork chops, handcrafted ice cream,meatballs, soups,burrata,spaghetti,veggies and salads.The decor of the restaurant,the colorful painting on walls makes it attractive and insanely beautiful.It operates all days of the week .Reservations can be made for a maximum number of two.

Kitchen Mouse is a vegetarian and gluten-free restaurant located off the 5904 N. Figueroa St.It is however not entirely vegen since customers may supliment the dishes with eggs.It provides lunch and dinner and offers a variety of dishes such as salads,pancakes,rice bowls,buffalo bowl(comprised of brown rice,collards,black beans,yams,dill-cashew sauce and buffalo sauce).Coffee here is prepared using regular milk(organic). The restaurant also has friendly servers who make you feel at home,and is opened on a daily basis.

El Huarache Azteca is situated off the 5225 York Blvd.The restaurant has been operating for about 18 years,making it experienced in the food industry. Its menu comprises the huaraches(fried-masa flatbreads),barbacoa served on Saturdays,sopes,gorditas and quesadillas.The restaurant is opened daily from 8:00 am to 10:30 pm and serves breakfast, lunch and dinner.Moreover ,it offers catering services, ample parking spaces and street parking and accepts reservations.

Sonny’s Hideaway found along the 5137 York Blvd is an American restaurant and bar that offer American cuisine and craft cocktail.The menu here is made up of black cod served with beet puree and farro,and fried chicken terrine with buffalo romesco,soups and steak.The restaurant is divided into two sections,a cocktail bar on one side and a dining section on the other side.It also accepts reservations booked 24 hours earlier, of between 6 to 10 people.

Highland Park houses many restaurants as we have seen.It is therefore an ultimate dining destination since restaurants here have a variety of foods from which one can sample from.