Hollywood Local Attractions

Everyone has certainly heard of Hollywood and if you were thinking of visiting or are new to the area then you need to find the best places to see while you are in town. These places are some of the best attractions you can find while you are in the Hollywood area.

There are so many good places you can choose from to see the Hollywood sign. The Hollywood sign was not meant to be a tourist attraction, as it was intended to be up for only a year and a half. But it is still there 90 years later and one of the best views can be seen by parking by the Lake Hollywood Park, which is the easiest location to reach. Or if you want an up close and personal view you can take Mt. Lee Dr and you will come out directly above the sign.

Or if you are a music fan, you should visit the Hollywood Bowl. This beautiful outdoor ampitheatre can hold as many as 18,000 people. Located on N. Highland Avenue in Los Angeles, this grandiose ampitheatre has been hosting concerts since 1922. You will not only have a great time listening to wonderful music, but you will be a part of history as well.

If you want a relaxing afternoon seeing some of the nature that Hollywood has to offer you should visit the Sunset ranch located at the end of Beachwood Drive. Here you can take a nice ride on horseback through trails that will take you through Griffith Park where you can see great views of the Hollywood sign. This is a great way to relax and also see the beautiful nature that California has to offer.

If you are in Hollywood you are among the stars and so you should make sure and see where exactly past and present stars stood. If you visit the Chinese Theatre located on Hollywood Boulevard you will have many things to see. Among being able to see the almost 200 footprints of stars like John Wayne and Judy Garland, you can also go inside and watch a movie on the superior quality of an IMax screen. This is one Hollywood attraction that you will definitely want to visit.

Perhaps the only attraction in Hollywood that can rival the Hollywood sign would be the Walk of Fame. Located on Hollywood Blvd the walk of fame is one of the busiest tourist spots in Los Angeles. The walk of fame begins at the La Brea Gateway and ends at the W Hotel and Pantages Theater. On the walk of fame you will discover history as you see many stars with plenty of famous names. Also, there are many shops to visit along the way.

Hollywood is a very historic and well known place where many people travel to see all of the scenic attractions that there are to offer. There are so many things to see in Hollywood, so many attractions to visit, that many people will have a hard time choosing exactly how to spend their time. But if you are visiting Hollywood, or are new to the area, the attractions and tourist spots listed above are some of the premier locations to visit. You will definitely want to make sure that some of these historic attractions are on your list of place to visit.