Los Feliz Local Attractions

Los Feliz is a beautiful city in California that has many attractions to visit. There are many things to see whether you are new to the area or are just visiting. Whatever your interest with the area, these local attractions should definitely be on your list of places to visit.

One of the best attractions you will find in Los Feliz is the Berendo stairs that lead up to the Griffith Observatory. The Berendo stairs begin just North of Los Feliz Boulevard. At the top of the steps you will reach Glencairn Avenue which will lead you to Catalina where you will first see the Griffith Observatory. If you follow Catalina you will soon arrive at the trail that will lead you up to the Griffith Observatory.

If you are one who loves to see beautiful architectural landmarks, you will definitely want to visit Frank Lloyd Wright’s Ennis House. This house was built in 1924 and is named after the owner of a men’s clothing store, Charles Ennis. The architecture is based on the Mayan Revival theme and was built using concrete, as it was a completely different building material at the time. It is currently being restored by billionaire Ron Burkle who plans on opening the house at least 12 days a year in the near future.

If you are a music lover or history fan, then you will definitely want to visit the Greek Theatre located in Griffith Park. The Greek Theatre has a history all its own, as it has been used as a military barracks during world war 2. The theatre has been expanded and currently holds up to 6,000 people. You can find a wide range of music from classical to contemporary and if you are a music fan, this local attraction should be just right for you.

If it’s food you are looking for then you must visit Homestate located on Hollywood Boulevard. Homestate has a lot of different foods to offer such as breakfast tacos, Frito pie in a bag, and a lot more. This little shop has great recipes that have been passed down to owner Briana Valdez from her grandmother. If you are hungry and in need of food, then you need to visit Homestate.

There is a lot of art and style in Los Feliz and there is a lot to find if you visit the La Luz De Jesus Gallery located on Hollywood Boulevard. This great gallery has a lot to offer such as a one of a kind gift shop and even a family run soap factory. If you want to write home about everything you have seen in Los Feliz, then you are at the right spot, because La Luz De Jesus Gallery has the largest collection of postcards you will find in all of Los Angeles.

If you are planning to visit Los Feliz, then these local attractions are some of the must see places to visit in town. If you are new to the area also, you can begin to learn all about the history of the town by visiting some of these historic tourist spots.