Los Feliz Shopping

Shopping in a big city such as Los Angeles,California, may sometimes be hectic. Such cities have neighborhoods which provides closer shopping facilities to their residents. One such neighborhood in Los Angeles is Los Feliz situated on the hillside.

Los Feliz offers a wide variety of shopping options to its residents and even nonresidents.

Hotel De Ville deals in items such as vintage eyewear(Christian Dior),skinny ties and bows for men,Levi’s,Converse All Stars and flannel shirts. This store in addition does repairs for sunglasses.

Undesigned Shop,owned by Carol Young, sell original leather goods.The store sells among other things clothing, shoes and jewelry. Some of its collections are made of microfibers, bamboo,organic cotton,hemp and soy.

Vintage lovers can get the vintage collections at Una Mae,located off Vermont Ave.It has both eclectic mix of vintage and modern dresses ,threads and tees.Moreover,the store sells notebooks,scented oils,bath items and locally made jewellery.

The La la Ling store offers a collection of kids’ clothes.The collections here include Beetles, Rolling Stones and NPR logo T-shirts.The store collections are for infants and pre-teens. The store has a chalkboard wall that keeps the children busy as you shop freely without distractions.

Kids’ collections can also be found at Dragonfly DuLou situated along Hillhurst Avenue.It is a boutique that sells brands such as Anti Batik and sleeveless undershirts for boys with the reading “Little Diablo.” It also harbours a dance and yoga room for kids, and a basketball court.

The Vinoteca Farfalla,a wine bar located along Hillhurst Avenue,offer Italian-Brazilian plates.The bar is stylish and offers tranquility and comfort to customers who buy boutique beers and wines.

Skylight Books,a small bookstore found along Vermont Ave, is one of the best bookstores in Los Feliz.The store has a skylight from which sun rays get into the store.It has a tree growing at the center of the store.The tree is sorrounded by a tiled seating area making it easier to confirm the books pulled from the shelves.

BellJar stores is a bohemian boutique dealing in vintage,designer housewares,handmade jewelry and women’s clothes.The boutique has neat racks of clothes and tables.The boutique offers the opportunity of customers’ personalized experience by letting them book an appointment for a private after-hours shopping party.During this time,the boutique’s highly qualified team help one choose the best outfits for them.

Wacko Soap Plant located along Hollywood Blvd deals in gifts.This is definitely the right place to look for rubber animal masks,tiki cups,bobble heads and temporary face tattoos for the people you want to offer gifts to.At the back of this store, you can explore the La Luz de Jesus,a small art gallery.

Los Feliz offers a great shopping experience due to its numerous shopping outlets.It is a shopping place to be as it has proved to be a favorite shopping center for both residents and nonresidents.