North Hollywood Local Attractions

Every day, thousands of tourists troop to North Hollywood to experience the beauty of this wonderful destination. Whether driven by the majestic high rise buildings dotting this area or by its multicultural utopia, there is always something new to experience in North Hollywood.

In this article, we shall go through some of the magical attractions that will either leave you wishing you travelled here yesterday or for first-time visitors, begging for a second trip to this wonderland.

The mere mention of the phrase Zombie Joe’s Underground Theatre is enough to send cold shivers down the spine of anyone but not for any adventurous traveler. Located on 4850 Lankershim Blvd North Hollywood, CA 91601 North Hollywood, this theatre is meant for the fearless and daring horror and supernatural fans who would want to experiment with the paranormal world. There are breathtaking shows going down in the theatre and unbelievable film production for artists who would want to venture in this line of acting.

A trip in North Hollywood cannot certainly be complete without a visit to Boney Island. The island is especially popular during Halloween, as it is literally transformed into Halloween-themed spectacle for all to enjoy. Should the next Halloween find you here, spare a moment to visit the haunted treehouse at a cost of $10. Though it is the only place where you will have to pay for anything on this island, the fun and adrenalin you are bound to experience therein is unimaginable. As you end your trip, do not hesitate to grab a t-shirt from the boo-tique on your way out, just so everyone can know how much fun you had.

At the Jurassic-Park The Ride, the old tales of dinosaurs come alive. This is one of the very few parks in the world where you experience history unfold before your very eyes. The dinosaurs may not be clinically alive but make no mistake, they literally move and if you happen to be caught in their path, these beasts will surely knock you down and plough you over. The ride features a massive a 50-foot T-Rex as well as a treacherous drop straight-down an 84-foot death defying raft plunge.

Perhaps one of the North Hollywood local attractions that will appeal most to your traveling fantasies is the Travel Town Museum. Conveniently situated at 5200 Zoo Dr Los Angeles, CA 90027 Griffith Park, The Travel Town Museum is not only free to visit but also offers some of the ancient trains and planes that will transport your fantasies back in time and make you experience what it felt to be a Richard Trevithick or The Wright Brothers. To make the most of your stay here, grab the chance to go on a train ride for a fee of only $2.5.

The beauty of North Hollywood may also be measured by its scenic landscapes and there is no better way to behold this grandeur than from the Griffith Observatory. The observatory has been occasionally referred to as the icon of LA and rightfully so. It is a national leader in public astronomy, as this is the only place in the land where, at a minimal fee of $7 and $3 for adults and kids respectively, you get the chance to check out the planetarium shows. The observatory is located in 2800 E Observatory Rd Los Angeles, CA 90027 Griffith Park.

Whenever your dreams take you to North Hollywood, do not ever miss a chance to behold its magical attractions as some of these may be the closest you might ever get to glimpsing paradise.