Pasadena Local Attractions

Pasadena is a delightful city in Southern California. It has been described as a city of discovery and contrasts. Pasadena combines those from old money and blue collar backgrounds with those from new money and white-collar education. This city has much to offer to the local and international tourist. Pasadena local attractions can be divided into five categories.

Historical Sites

Pasadena local attractions include several buildings that are the evidence of the rich architectural history. The City of Pasadena’s City Hall is a good example, having been completed in 1927. It is a favorite shooting location for filmmakers. The Norton Simon Museum is another place to visit for lovers of art. It has a private art collection that has been assembled over a period of 30 years. Another place to visit is Gamble House, a classic example of American architecture. It was designed in 1908 and is designated as a historic landmark. The Pasadena Civic Auditorium is among the more famous performance halls in the United States and was home to the Emmys from 1977 to 1997. Another historic performing arts venue is the Pasadena Playhouse, which has hosted several cultural and artistic events.

Recreational Sites

The most well known Pasadena local attraction that falls in this category is the Rose Bowl Stadium. This stadium was built in 1922 and is located in the San Gabriel Mountains. It has a capacity of 92,542 spectators. This stadium is the 17th largest stadium in the world and plays host to the Rose Bowl Game, which is held annually.

Educational Sites

For the tourist who is interested in learning something during their holiday, a visit to the USC Pacific Asia Museum is recommended. This museum was established in 1971, with the aim of promoting the art and culture of the Asia and Pacific Islands. The collection has more than 15,000 objects. Another Pasadena local attraction in this category is the Kidspace Children’s Museum, which was launched in 1979. Kidspace was started to provide the children from the local communities with a place where they could learn in a creative and interactive way.

Dining Places

Old Pasadena provides the tourist with a choice between 100 award-winning restaurants for elegant dining and outdoor cafes for that comforting cup of coffee. There are other restaurants which would qualify as Pasadena local attractions, like El Metate on North Mentor Avenue. This restaurant serves mouth-watering Mexican-American food. Another restaurant is Roma Market on North Lake Avenue. The chief attraction of this restaurant is The Sandwich. There is no other sandwich like it. Lincoln, located on 1992 Lincoln Avenue is also worth paying a visit, as it has a long menu with wide variety, catering for all kinds of tastes.

Shopping Sites

Shopping is a major part of Pasadena local attractions. A holiday is incomplete without a shopping spree. The first place one can go shopping is in Old Pasadena, which has several national retailers and specialty boutiques all within walking distance of each other. Shoppers can also visit Pasoe Colorado on Colorado Boulevard, which has a movie theater as well as several shops. Another great shopping center to visit is One Colorado on Hugus Alley, which combines bigger retail stores with a broad range of dining choices.

Pasadena local attractions are definitely worth visiting, both for local and international tourists.