South Pasadena Local Attractions

California is known for its many beautiful cities which attract a majority of tourists. The land has several interesting sites and activities which are quite enjoyable. Over the decades, the state has contributed significantly to the economy of the US due to the many guests who visit the land. When mentioning the great cities in California, South Pasadena city cannot be left out.

South Pasadena is one of the towns which make California great. The city which is found in Los Angeles County has several attraction sites which make it a must place to tour. The city has several tourists’ attraction centers which attract people from all over the world. The Bunny Museum, California cactus center and the great Fork in the Road are some of the popular sites for tourists.

The popular South Pasadena farmers market attracts a large number of people. Despite the improvements in technology, the natives have not abandoned their farming practice. They produce a lot of agricultural goods including kettle corn, rotisserie corn, and pupusas among others. The market has provided business opportunities to many local and foreign citizens.

Apart from the farmers market, there are also other important shopping centers in the city. Sometimes the warm weather makes it favorable for people to travel across the city visiting various shopping. The major shopping center includes the Old Town Pasadena, Paseo Colorado and the south lake avenue among others. It also includes all the social amenities you can think of for recreational activities.

Everybody who visits the place must be interested in learning more about the city and United States as a whole.
All the documents which have the history of South Pasadena city from the ancient times to the current city are found in the South Pasadena public Library. There are also other important reading materials found in the library. Indeed it is of much pleasure to visit this place.

When talking of the great sites in the city, the luxurious restaurants cannot be left out. The city has many dining sites which offer very delicious meals. There are experts who ensure that every guest find his or her best meal. During holidays, many people come to visit the city and the restaurants are always full. Magnolia house which is located in a 100-year-old Craftsman bungalow is an example of such places.

The beauty of a place is always the historical landmarks. When you visit the town, you will be surprised by both the ancient and modern landmarks found in this city. Those who love architecture will really appreciate some of these historic buildings. Their unique styles and beauty make everyone want to visit them. One of the prominent buildings is the Gamble house which has existed since 1978.

Life is always comfortable when you are living in a serene environment having plenty of fresh air. The Pasadena Foundation which began in 1960 is a body which is committed to keeping Pasadena beautiful. Through this project, many comfortable residential areas have been established thereby attracting many people. Examples of such areas are the Pasadena Park and the urban forests.