Studio City Local Attractions

There truly are plenty of things that you can do in the Los Angeles Basin. Many of the neighborhoods of the City of Los Angeles have several reasons to visit. Studio City, which is named for the booming business that makes the locale a world-renowned destination, is one of the places. It’s sometimes referred to as the San Fernando Valley’s “Beverly Hills”.

Studio City boasts a-booming business sector as well as a less-hectic lifestyle as compared to Hollywood’s urban hub-bub. Being a section of-the San Fernando Valley, it’s still technically part of L.A. Created in 1927 by the Central Motion Picture District, this particular section offers plenty of tourist local attractions and entertainment than you would think.

Wilacre Park in Studio City provides hiking opportunities for individuals seeking to get out of dodge and stretch their legs for a few hours. It’s an island of open-space in the midst of more lavish residential areas in Studio City. This 128 acre park in Fryman Canyon offers breathtaking views of Studio City as well as the surrounding L.A. neighborhoods. Hikers say that though the trail system starts off steep, it gradually turns into a wide, easy and well-shaded walking path, popular with families, bicyclists, and dog-walkers.

Hiking in Wilacre Park is much like hiking 3 parks in 1 without realizing it. Wilacre Park, Coldwater Canyon and Fryman Canyon parks all kind of merge into each other with no form of warning of boundary lines. You can take the Cross Mountain Park trail-system a bit further and you will hit Franklin Canyon Park.

Fryman Canyon is popular hiking trail on Betty B. Dearing Trail. It’s a relatively easy 3-mile-loop through Studio City and-the Hollywood Hills. It passes through Wilacre Park in Coldwater Canyon Park and Lower Fryman Canyon. This loop will take you up to the mountains and then through a residential neighborhood.

Fryman Canyon gives novel to seasoned hikers un-paralleled views of the City of Los Angeles. Being less-crowded than uppity Runyon Canyon, you are more-likely to spot a celebrity or 2 here on a morning-run than in Hollywood. What’s more? George Clooney’s home stands right-off the trail.

You can also visit Coldwater Canyon Park. This is a 44-acre park which includes 7-miles of hiking trails, organic gardens, a fruit orchard, a tree nursery, educational displays as well as the S. Mark-Taper Foundation Amphitheatre. It’s also the home of the environmental organization, Tree People that cares for this park without any public funds. More than 50,000 tourists visit Coldwater Canyon Park every year.

Other parks in Studio City that you can visit include Beeman Park and Moorpark Park. Beeman Park provides a wide range of sports programs for kids, teens, adults and seniors. This Park also has play areas for children, a jogging path, tennis courts, an auditorium, picnic tables, barbecue pits and a baseball diamond. On the other hand, Moorpark Park is unstaffed and open from dawn to dusk. The park offers picnic tables as well as a children’s play area.

In five minutes, it’s possible to leave the convenience of city-life on Ventura Boulevard for rustic pursuits in one of-the canyons. Running 18 miles, Ventura Blvd. is the key thoroughfare through Studio City. It’s the longest avenue of contiguous businesses in the world and is one of the oldest-routes in-the San Fernando Valley.

Be prepared to do shopping till you drop. Ventura Boulevard has something for everyone, cool clothes, jewelry, rare antiques, furniture, coffee shops, great restaurants, and more!

If you haven’t been on Los Angeles underground subway yet, you could take a day and park your vehicle at any one of the metro-rail stations and then take a trip around town. You can walk the L.A. River, which is a bit of nature that is tucked behind the shopping district. Portions of this river now feature earthen bottoms and restored habitat.

Visitors can hang at the Studio City’s Sunday Farmer’s Market. This Market boasts pony rides, inflatable slides, train ride, a petting zoo, face painting as well as prepared foods for the entire family. Sunday Farmer’s Market is open all-yearlong come rain or shine save for the Sunday between Christmas & New Years’.

Another popular Studio City local attraction is Studio City Recreation Center (otherwise known as Beeman Park). This attraction has an auditorium, a lighted baseball diamond, barbecue pits, an outdoor running and walking track, a children’s play area, picnic tables, lighted outdoor basketball courts, and unlighted tennis courts. It also offers several programs and classes, which include the 2nd biggest youth baseball program held in the public parks.

You can also stop at CBS Radford, home to such classic television shows as Gilligans Island, Gunsmoke, The Mary Tyler Moore Show, CSI NY, Seinfeld and many more. Today, CBS Studio Center is one of the most-active in Studio City for producing sitcoms. You can view T.V. Show Tapings here.

Besides, you can also take a behind-the-scenes look at some of-the greatest movies and TV shows ever made at Universal Studio Tours. And while visiting Universal Studios, you can take a stroll through City Walk, which is home to wonderful restaurants and shops. Also, check out the IMAX theatre, which is one of 18-theatres showing first-run movies.