West Hollywood Dining

In West Hollywood there are many different kinds of restaurants to choose from if you are hungry. Below you will find some unique places to eat if you are visiting the area or if you are just out on the town and hungry and are looking for a place to eat.

If you are looking for a great place to eat that has a great atmosphere you will want to visit the Abbey Food and Bar located on N. Robertson Blvd. On top of having a great menu, the Abbey Food and Bar has great martinis as well as dancing at night. If you are looking for a restaurant where you can get great food, drinks and some nighttime fun, then you must eat at the Abbey Food and Bar.

If you are a fan of Italian food then you need to have a meal at Ago Restaurant located on Melrose Ave. This famous restaurant named after head chef Agostino Sciandri is a truly authentic Italian restaurant that serves some of the best food you will find in the area. If you want to find a truly romantic place to take your loved one, the Ago restaurant has the right accommodations for you. If you are a lover of true Italian food, this is definitely the restaurant for you.

If you want to try some truly authentic Japanese cuisine then you need to dine at Ajisai. This Japanese restaurant located on N. Palm Avenue has many truly unique Japanese food items to choose from. The food is prepared by Master Chef Shoei and is great if you are looking for a nice healthy lunch that is not only good for your body but delicious as well.

If you are a fan of good old fashioned BBQ, you will definitely want to visit Baby Blues BBQ. This restaurant is located on Santa Monica Blvd and features many barbecue items such as ribs, burgers and sandwiches. The truly authentic touch of this restaurant is its many different flavors. It combines the best of all flavors found around the United States from New Orleans, to North Carolina and even Memphis, this restaurant has something that is worth coming back for again and again.

If you are trying to find a truly original and top of the line steakhouse, then you need to visit the BOA Steakhouse located on Sunset Blvd. The BOA Steakhouse has many different types of steaks to offer ranging from prime Omaha, to American Wagyu. There are many features to this restaurant as they have a private cocktail lounge and one of the best selections of rare drinks that the world has to offer. This steakhouse is one that you will remember for a long time.

If you are looking for some great restaurants in West Hollywood and don’t know exactly where to go, you should think about trying one of these great restaurants. They all offer a dining experience that cannot be found anywhere else. You will find yourself enjoying a great meal at any one of these restaurants listed above.