West Hollywood Shopping

If you are new to the area of West Hollywood or are just visiting and want to know what are the best stores to shop at, then the following stores are a good place to start. In West Hollywood you will find many stores to choose from. So make sure you choose wisely.

If you are trying to find that unique look that fits you just right, then you must go shopping at 3.1 Phillip Lim. Here you will find refreshing classic looks that also have something new to offer. If you want to show just how much style you have, while also looking very youthful in a new and refreshingly stylish outfit, then you must go shopping at 3.1 Phillip Lim.

Maybe you are just visiting and want something unique for your home, or maybe you are new to the area and are looking to buy a unique rug. If you want to see some very expressive and beautiful rugs, then you need to shop at Amadi Carpets. They have a large selection of rugs to shop for that have been hand made in the Middle East. Amadi Carpets is a great place to shop if you are looking for something special to decorate your home.

If you are shopping for something else, maybe art or art supplies, after all, you are in Hollywood, then you need to visit Aaron Brothers Art Mart. Here you will find a large variety of photo frames, albums as well as many other art supplies. If you have a custom frame in mind, they do that too. If you are in the mood to express yourself, then you should try and visit Aaron Brothers Art Mart.

Maybe you are shopping for that special woman in your life. You are all ready for a night out on the town but need that special something for you special someone. Then you should shop for a nice, new, and professionally designed dress at Alberta Ferretti. At this store you can buy Alberta Ferretti’s signature clothing as well as shoes, handbags and other accessories.

Maybe you are out on the town shopping for something nice and simple. If this fits you, then you need to visit American Apparel. At this store you will find many things to love. If you are shopping for yourself or someone else, this store has simple and colorful clothing for men and women.

If you are into furniture, and need to furnish you apartment or home, you need to stop by and see the unique furniture sold at Alexandra Von Furstenburg. These pieces of furniture use state of the art materials to help give the interior design of your house or apartment that special look. So stop by and see just how different you can make your home or apartment look.

If you are shopping in West Hollywood, whether you are new to the area, or are just visiting, you must go to some of these shops. At these stores you will find some very special and unique items that will be hard to find anywhere else. Enjoy your time in West Hollywood and always make sure you shop well.