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Have a tough plumbing problem? Call Pipeline Rooter & Plumbing at (213) 550-9941 for 24/7 assistance in Los Feliz, CA.

Who We Are

Pipeline Rooter and Plumbing provides full-service plumbing Los Feliz maintenance and repairs as well as professional drain cleaning and toilet repairs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our professional Los Feliz plumbers offer the commercial and residential plumbing services that you can depend on for all your local plumbing requirements.

Recommended and trusted since we set up shop, Pipeline Rooter and Plumbing is the premier provider of high quality emergency plumbing Los Feliz services. Businesses and homeowners often count on us because we are so specialized in emergency plumbing service provision.

We also stand by our estimates while guarantee that our work will not only impress you, it will far exceed your expectations. When you give us a call, additionally, it will be answered by a highly trained Pipeline Rooter and Plumbing customer service representative. The rep will handle the request quickly, and schedule the service at the earliest convenient time.

It is also important to state that we are specialized in every type of commercial and residential plumbing repair, maintenance, installation and replacement service – but with a focus on providing 24/7 emergency services. As an insured and licensed full-service plumber, Pipeline Rooter and Plumbing can handle any sort of project. From large water heater problems to small toilet repairs (and everything in between) we are well appointed to meet every plumbing need you might have.

Why Choose Us

During our time in the industry, we have the foremost recommended and highly trusted plumber in Los Feliz. In fact, most people depend on us than on other plumbers within the local area. We are highly confident that this is a reflection of our especial commitment to the offering of the quality services that we are sure our clients can count on. To ensure you are completely satisfied, we actually guarantee our services and products. This is one of the main reasons why we often meet and exceed our customers’ expectations.

Plumbing problems can cause you a great deal of stress. To help you get rid of this stress, our emergency plumbing services will be perfectly tailored to the situation you find yourself in. we will, to this end, service your requirements at the earliest opportunity and that the time that is most convenient for you. What is more, our services are highly cost effective. This is because we have been in the industry long enough to know how to quickly examine plumbing projects and estimate how much they will cost, then compare this to our flat-fee plumbing fees.

Instead of letting your emergency problem bog you down, why not count on Pipeline Rooter and Plumbing? Our expert Los Feliz plumbers will handle the problem in an efficient, affordable and timely manner. By the time we are done, you can rest assured that every plumbing concern you might have hard will be a thing of the past.

Our Services

We are your 24 hour plumbing Los Feliz service provider. As such, everyone at Pipeline Rooter and Plumbing is committed to servicing the commercial and residential clients in the local area with our proprietary air conditioning and heating and emergency plumbing installation, repair, maintenance and replacement services.

We will also ensure that we come on time. Night, day, weekends and holidays are never off days for us. After that, that is that it means to be a 24/7 plumber in Los Feliz. We additionally look forward to ensuring you enjoy the following professional emergency plumbing services:

1. Drain Cleaning

We perform drain cleaning, and water and sewer line repair, replacement and installation

2. Emergency Plumbing

We can take care of all your plumbing problems, big or small

3. Leak Detection

We look forward to helping you with leak repair in fixtures, faucets, sinks and toilets

4. Water Heater Repair

We can perform water heater and sump pump repair, replacement and installation

5. Tankless Water Heater Installation

We are also adept at tankless, electric and gas water heater repair, replacement and installation

6. Gas Line Installation

We additionally perform gas line installation, repair, and replacement

7. Toilet Installation

We perform toilet and underground pipe repair, replacement and installation

8. Backflow Testing

We perform residential and commercial backflow testing, repair, replacement and installation

9. Garbage Disposal Repair

Our garbage disposal repair for both commercial and residential buildings.

10. Boiler Repair

Our boiler repair service in Los Feliz also covers hot water, steam, and gas boiler repair, replacement and installation

11. Commercial Plumbing

We are your expert plumbing testing, diagnosis, troubleshooting and examination technicians of choice

12. Rooter Service

Our rooter service comes with water, well, pool and Jacuzzi pump repair, replacement and installation services

13. Sewer Repair

We perform professional Los Felix drain and sewer repair services

Quality Plumbing Services in Los Feliz

As the leading 24/7 plumber in Los Feliz, we serve most of the local businesses and homeowners by offering the top quality craftsmanship they deserve. We provide competitive rates, swift job completion, and highly trained and certified technicians. We are also dedicated to ensuring that you enjoy the professional services we have come to be known for. Therefore, by the time we are done, we will ensure you are 100% satisfied with our work.

What is more, everything we install, replace and repair is backed by us and by the best in business warranties we provide either as Pipeline Rooter and Plumbing or in partnership with the manufacturers of the parts and products we work using.

Since we are on call around the clock, it follows that you should not have to think twice whenever a plumbing emergency Los Feliz arises. Whether your pipe has burst in the middle of the night or someone clogged your drains during a holiday, you can be sure that our plumbers will be right there with you once you call us.

Where We Service

When most people think about emergencies, they directly go to collapsed roofs and fires. Unfortunately, you might also find yourself grappling with one plumbing emergency or other. From sewage backups to burst water lines, some plumbing issues cannot wait until the next day.

Fortunately for you, Pipeline Rooter and Plumbing will ensure that you no longer have to wait until regular business hours resume for your plumbing emergency to be dealt with. As a trusted 24-hour emergency plumbing company, we can help you when you need it the most. All we ask is that you do not hesitate in dialing our number at any time of night or day. Our experienced Los Feliz plumbers are always on call and they will work on your plumbing the moment they arrive at your home or commercial property.

Stressed about the emergency plumbing Los Feliz predicament you have found yourself in? Need someone to come and rescue you. Pipeline Rooter and Plumbing is here for you. Contact us today and let us come save you.